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Saturday, 14 June 2014 10:02

Conspiracy Theory

Written by

Many people believe there is a conspiracy theory, that we are been directed or manipulated by the powers around us.

I don't so, at least not exactly. No, I think that would be much too profound, as no person or group can control the entire human race. As is evidence by the harm done to the environment, this certainly is not planned nor as there any sign that the problem can be maintained.

There may, however, be an a conspiracy in the sense that there are forces that just happen to like the way things are and they are very determined to prevent changes that would lessen their degree of power and wealth.

We look at these little blind ants and marvel at the way they manage following the trails of pheromones and pride ourselves of our awareness and superior intelligence and knowledge, yet we are little different as we live like corralled animals guided by yokes of inherited expectations seeing little other that the responsibilities we must accept, and the functions we must perform and the then our quest to satisfy our pleasures and addictions.

How much do we in fact know the people around us, the neighbors in the houses next to us, the people that share our office, or those that work with us on the assembly line, or our teachers, our ministers, and our superiors. How well in fact do we know our parents, our sisters and brothers, our aunts and uncles, our husbands and wives. We all live in our spheres of secrecies blinded by what we do not know and what we do not wish to know, as well as what we thinks others do not know or should not know about us.

Saturday, 14 June 2014 08:27

Faith Requires Action.

Written by

 Our presence here on this planet may be looked upon as a journey: a journey from the past to the present; and indeed also a journey from the present into the future. And here I am: it may be a truck-stop, or a transfer point, or just a rest-stop; I don't know where, nor do I know from whence I came or how I got here, nor where I am going. There is no plan, no purpose. Perhaps I just followed the crowd.

Perhaps I'm still at home like some Scrooge visited by the spirits of Christmases that had been, that are, and that are yet-to-come, for it seems I have been imparted a new vision. And it requires no wisdom, nor higher knowledge for its understanding, no philosophy to give it meaning, no religion to give it direction. It requires a mere acceptance, an acceptance without debate or reason. And, it requires action.

It requires an acceptance of the visions and thus a construction of a dream, a shaping of path, a defining of a destiny.



Monday, 26 May 2014 07:56

My Evaluation

Written by

Now comes the rub, now that I got you to look. Now, whatever you do you must do on you own for nobody can help you or advise you: you can pat yourself on your back, you can have the mirror polished and mounted on a marble altar, or just have a bust made of yourself and present it to the city fathers; or you can smash the mirror, or rent out your hair or get a whip and begin self-flagellation - or continue as if you never looked.

As for myself, I just feel sadness for I see people like myself, that could be family or friends, or aquainances, and or some that have lost my respect; I even see my fathers, and grandfathers and their father's fathers and I see my children and their children and their children's children; some a little like me, some a lot like me, walking around in a belief of purpose and determination or just staggering aimlessly or idly sitting tired of it all, some with rings in their noses, some with yokes around their shoulders and some with sticks or whips or guns, sometimes in uniforms, sometimes not, driving others - and I ask myself, “Is it really like this? Should it be like this?”

And I conclude that it should not be like this, that it should be a better world and that we as a race, that we as a species, have the ability to change if only we can find the will.

Monday, 26 May 2014 07:53

Looking into the mirror

Written by

The first stage in setting a goal is to establish the starting point. This may prove to be more difficult than expected for it requires a realistic evaluation of who we are and where we are.

Hence I must ask, “How well do you take personal criticism?” Can you in fact accept another person opinion, or worse still: Are you capable of judging yourself rationally?

Let's assume you can.

Let's then assume even before we look into the mirror that we are capable of looking without judgment as we would a lover seen the first time without mascara or make-up and seeing and then accepting these flaws and imperfection that we would not in others.

Okay then, let's get started. Let's be brave and look.

So, how did you do? Did you have a good look into the mirror? Did you see the human race? Did you see our humanity? Did you see yourself? Did you see yourself in the midst of the crowd either standing there faceless, or perhaps carrying a sign or shouting, or perhaps even standing on the shoulders of others?

Thursday, 22 May 2014 04:56

Why Change

Written by

So, “What is it that we must change?” you ask. Certainly we have made tremendous advances in the sciences: in the medicine and engineering, in communication and transportation and most particularly in the art of warfare.

Yet unfortunately our humanity has not noticeably evolved. Some may even argue to we are constantly continuing to sacrifice it little by little to fulfill our passions and greed.

Perhaps once we were quite benevolent; but since we have become hunter-gathers we have relied upon and improved upon our hunting and pillaging skills and improved on the art of warfare and taking advantage of each other. And though we have, at least some of us, become farmers and even city dwellers we have not lost our hunter-gatherer psyche.

We are still hunter-gathers. We are still predators. We are still thieves.

So, “What is that we must change?” you ask. We must find our humanity.

Thursday, 22 May 2014 04:54

The Human Race

Written by

I chose the title “Join the human race” because I liked the pun. Primarily I liked the implication that to be human, to be a member of the human race, one has to participate.

Firstly, one has to participate because a change is required and that change must effectively be a change in the mindset of the majority of the people. It has to be a change in the direction. A change which requires a rethinking and a redoing.

Secondly, it is a race, a race to avoid extinction. It seems that we have allowed ourselves to become a force of destruction; and for our survival we need to redefine our role to permit ourselves to become custodians of this planet. To care for it and ensure its survival, to take care of it and to ensure our survival by ensuring it can sustain life as we know it, to ensure its survival by ensuring it can sustain us.

Thursday, 22 May 2014 04:50

My Dream

Written by

Well, here we are. I have a dream. Certainly it is fair to have a dream. How would we as a species have evolved did we not dream? Yet to dream for oneself, for ones children, for ones friends, for ones country or indeed for the whole human race – these dreams require a different plan. They each require a different plan as they each require the involvement and the participation of a different number of people.

My dream involves the whole human race. It requires the involvement and participation of a large percentage of the population. How does one do this? Where does one start?

Friday, 16 May 2014 08:49

Our Purpose

Written by
* 1 *

What purposes
What plan
the jester thought
what plan could there be


Knowledge is but a mirror
reflecting all you have learned
all you have done
and all you have seen

It has no desire, nor thought
nor will to be

It's just sort of a reference book
or an Atlas, or an almanac
or a how-to magazine.

A plan
the jester thought
what plan could there be?

* * 2 * *

Thrice wrought is the mind
to formulate a thought
of what must be done

a purposes, or goal
a strategy, or plan
and then the deed or the action

For many a good deed has been foiled
by the lack of plan;
many a plan, by the lack of direction

and nought has come
by the deed not done
by one's best of intentions.

* * * 3 * * *

I walked on cobble stones
of blood and grief
of poverty and crime
of prejudice and ill intentions
looking to find in this now deserted place
a wooden bench
or a roadside seat
to comfort my aching bones
and let rest to my weary feet.

I would close my eyes
dream of mountain streams
or just of children in a park
with slides, and monkey bars and swings
I would feed the swans and ducks
or doves that happened by
With breadcrumbs I brought for them.

And then I would open my eyes
and continue to search for such crumbs
should I ever need them.
Thursday, 15 May 2014 03:12


Written by

Now here I am
Pleading for help
Calling to you
Shouting into the emptiness
With a mute voice
Or like looking into the darkness
With no light
Or looking into the void
With no eyes
As if between galaxies
Calling to the stars
And hoping to be heard

Here I am
Like a note in a bottle
Set adrift
Thrown from crest to crest
Hoping to be found
By someone
By anyone
Hoping to found
By a curiosity seeker, perhaps
Perhaps, by you

Yes, here I am
Hoping to be found
Hoping to be believed
Hoping to be believed
Perhaps by you.

Thursday, 15 May 2014 03:10

The Quest

Written by

I walked a road well traveled
And stopped for quiet meditation
It was a silent spot beneath an elm
Where muses sang
And fates announce their next intentions

And where just beyond unseen reefs
My self-made phantoms stood
Like sirens singing in the wind
As if but set on trapping idle visions

It seemed it was a fay
My childhood dreams had lost
That whispered in the breeze
To call my restless lamentations
Bewitching all my thoughts
To break and cast aside
The chain of all my traveled repetitions

My muse had made me master of my dreams thought lost
And the fates had given substance to a childhood vision
And called me to arise and walk
Where only dreams and faith and walking would
By walking
Make a path
Yet innocent of repetitions


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