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Our Purpose

* 1 *

What purposes
What plan
the jester thought
what plan could there be


Knowledge is but a mirror
reflecting all you have learned
all you have done
and all you have seen

It has no desire, nor thought
nor will to be

It's just sort of a reference book
or an Atlas, or an almanac
or a how-to magazine.

A plan
the jester thought
what plan could there be?

* * 2 * *

Thrice wrought is the mind
to formulate a thought
of what must be done

a purposes, or goal
a strategy, or plan
and then the deed or the action

For many a good deed has been foiled
by the lack of plan;
many a plan, by the lack of direction

and nought has come
by the deed not done
by one's best of intentions.

* * * 3 * * *

I walked on cobble stones
of blood and grief
of poverty and crime
of prejudice and ill intentions
looking to find in this now deserted place
a wooden bench
or a roadside seat
to comfort my aching bones
and let rest to my weary feet.

I would close my eyes
dream of mountain streams
or just of children in a park
with slides, and monkey bars and swings
I would feed the swans and ducks
or doves that happened by
With breadcrumbs I brought for them.

And then I would open my eyes
and continue to search for such crumbs
should I ever need them.

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