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Saturday, 14 June 2014 08:27

Faith Requires Action.

 Our presence here on this planet may be looked upon as a journey: a journey from the past to the present; and indeed also a journey from the present into the future. And here I am: it may be a truck-stop, or a transfer point, or just a rest-stop; I don't know where, nor do I know from whence I came or how I got here, nor where I am going. There is no plan, no purpose. Perhaps I just followed the crowd.

Perhaps I'm still at home like some Scrooge visited by the spirits of Christmases that had been, that are, and that are yet-to-come, for it seems I have been imparted a new vision. And it requires no wisdom, nor higher knowledge for its understanding, no philosophy to give it meaning, no religion to give it direction. It requires a mere acceptance, an acceptance without debate or reason. And, it requires action.

It requires an acceptance of the visions and thus a construction of a dream, a shaping of path, a defining of a destiny.




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