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Saturday, 14 June 2014 10:02

Conspiracy Theory

Many people believe there is a conspiracy theory, that we are been directed or manipulated by the powers around us.

I don't so, at least not exactly. No, I think that would be much too profound, as no person or group can control the entire human race. As is evidence by the harm done to the environment, this certainly is not planned nor as there any sign that the problem can be maintained.

There may, however, be an a conspiracy in the sense that there are forces that just happen to like the way things are and they are very determined to prevent changes that would lessen their degree of power and wealth.

We look at these little blind ants and marvel at the way they manage following the trails of pheromones and pride ourselves of our awareness and superior intelligence and knowledge, yet we are little different as we live like corralled animals guided by yokes of inherited expectations seeing little other that the responsibilities we must accept, and the functions we must perform and the then our quest to satisfy our pleasures and addictions.

How much do we in fact know the people around us, the neighbors in the houses next to us, the people that share our office, or those that work with us on the assembly line, or our teachers, our ministers, and our superiors. How well in fact do we know our parents, our sisters and brothers, our aunts and uncles, our husbands and wives. We all live in our spheres of secrecies blinded by what we do not know and what we do not wish to know, as well as what we thinks others do not know or should not know about us.


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