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Monday, 26 May 2014 07:56

My Evaluation

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Now comes the rub, now that I got you to look. Now, whatever you do you must do on you own for nobody can help you or advise you: you can pat yourself on your back, you can have the mirror polished and mounted on a marble altar, or just have a bust made of yourself and present it to the city fathers; or you can smash the mirror, or rent out your hair or get a whip and begin self-flagellation - or continue as if you never looked.

As for myself, I just feel sadness for I see people like myself, that could be family or friends, or aquainances, and or some that have lost my respect; I even see my fathers, and grandfathers and their father's fathers and I see my children and their children and their children's children; some a little like me, some a lot like me, walking around in a belief of purpose and determination or just staggering aimlessly or idly sitting tired of it all, some with rings in their noses, some with yokes around their shoulders and some with sticks or whips or guns, sometimes in uniforms, sometimes not, driving others - and I ask myself, “Is it really like this? Should it be like this?”

And I conclude that it should not be like this, that it should be a better world and that we as a race, that we as a species, have the ability to change if only we can find the will.

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