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Monday, 26 May 2014 07:53

Looking into the mirror

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The first stage in setting a goal is to establish the starting point. This may prove to be more difficult than expected for it requires a realistic evaluation of who we are and where we are.

Hence I must ask, “How well do you take personal criticism?” Can you in fact accept another person opinion, or worse still: Are you capable of judging yourself rationally?

Let's assume you can.

Let's then assume even before we look into the mirror that we are capable of looking without judgment as we would a lover seen the first time without mascara or make-up and seeing and then accepting these flaws and imperfection that we would not in others.

Okay then, let's get started. Let's be brave and look.

So, how did you do? Did you have a good look into the mirror? Did you see the human race? Did you see our humanity? Did you see yourself? Did you see yourself in the midst of the crowd either standing there faceless, or perhaps carrying a sign or shouting, or perhaps even standing on the shoulders of others?

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  • Comment Link E. F. Saturday, 14 June 2014 07:46 posted by E. F.

    A look into the mirror can never be objective. The planning of a journey of the self must always be subjective because it is colored by our sum total experiences as influenced by our culture, our sex, our age, our education, our race and our religion, as well as our social skills as well as our understanding and perception and others.
    So whatever the starting point, it must be blemished by our circumstance and tarnished by our desires and needs; and once we have indeed established our goals they tend to be rather personal and arbitrary, or if you like not-arbitrary as they are preconditioned by who-we-are.
    Even worse, we may already have precluded that there is no escape, or no need to escape, or no need to change anything, or that it is beyond our ability to change anything, or even beyond the definition of our existence to change anything as it is the creator's intention to teach us humility to prepare us for a better place.

    So then: “Why look?”

  • Comment Link Violet Mansfield Tuesday, 27 May 2014 09:44 posted by Violet Mansfield

    When I look into the mirror I see the world for what it is. I see parents like myself doing the best they can for childrenby trying to give them a good education so that they will have a great start in life. I see government trying to create jobs and maintain a good working environment and continuously improving the situation for the ordingary working Joe. I see richer countries trying to help the poorer countries trying to obtain a better standard of living.
    All in all, I see just about everyone in their own way and according to their own ability doing the best that they can to make it a better world both for themselves and their children. And I believe that some of the problems that we know face now (as for example climate change) will be solved so that we will live in a better world in the future.

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