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Thursday, 22 May 2014 04:56

Why Change

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So, “What is it that we must change?” you ask. Certainly we have made tremendous advances in the sciences: in the medicine and engineering, in communication and transportation and most particularly in the art of warfare.

Yet unfortunately our humanity has not noticeably evolved. Some may even argue to we are constantly continuing to sacrifice it little by little to fulfill our passions and greed.

Perhaps once we were quite benevolent; but since we have become hunter-gathers we have relied upon and improved upon our hunting and pillaging skills and improved on the art of warfare and taking advantage of each other. And though we have, at least some of us, become farmers and even city dwellers we have not lost our hunter-gatherer psyche.

We are still hunter-gathers. We are still predators. We are still thieves.

So, “What is that we must change?” you ask. We must find our humanity.

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  • Comment Link Violet Mansfield Tuesday, 27 May 2014 06:22 posted by Violet Mansfield

    I think you have a very low opinion of humanity. I do not see how you can generalize and say that we are ' hunter gatherers and predators'. It may be true that there still is a certain amount of crime in society at large and that we may look upon these crimnals as predators, but for the most part we are all law-abiding citizens and teach our children the difference between right and wrong.
    We help people in distress and in need as can be seen during the time of national disasters, and send aid to poorer countries.
    And as a people we are becoming constantly more tolerant as can be seen in our decline racial and religious prejudices and our acceptance in gay and minority groups.

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