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Thursday, 22 May 2014 04:54

The Human Race

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I chose the title “Join the human race” because I liked the pun. Primarily I liked the implication that to be human, to be a member of the human race, one has to participate.

Firstly, one has to participate because a change is required and that change must effectively be a change in the mindset of the majority of the people. It has to be a change in the direction. A change which requires a rethinking and a redoing.

Secondly, it is a race, a race to avoid extinction. It seems that we have allowed ourselves to become a force of destruction; and for our survival we need to redefine our role to permit ourselves to become custodians of this planet. To care for it and ensure its survival, to take care of it and to ensure our survival by ensuring it can sustain life as we know it, to ensure its survival by ensuring it can sustain us.

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